When a patient comes to the House of Hope, they are faced with the opportunity to grow to address the challenges of vision loss. We ask them to grow their knowledge of technology, to learn new ways to approaching things and to change their mindset. This year has challenged our mission to do the same! We have been growing to meet the increased needs of people with vision loss.

Our Children’s Program has expanded to include new opportunities for students with vision loss and their parents to connect and grow. We developed programs for students with vision loss to connect with their peers and have fun! We launched a parent support group.

Mark Chalmers joined our Access Technology department to enable us to offer FREE technology evaluations and open houses. Dr. Katie Walker, a low vision trained Optometrist joined our team, to make getting an appointment easier.

The impact of the mission is seen in the stories told by our patients. (You can read the complete stories at spectrios.org/blog.)

We met Alice, a long-time patient who advises to: “Just try it, you never know. Dr. Williams has so many good ideas, one of them will work for you.”
Kate shared with us how the mission changed her life: “I cannot emphasize enough how valuable the work that Spectrios does is. I entered that little yellow house thinking they might give me a magnifying glass and send me on my way. Instead, they gave me my life back.”

Our patients with vision loss need our help now more than ever. Our Annual Appeal is in progress. Your donation is vital to maintain our vision programs that help children and adults maximize their remaining sight and find comfort in knowing they can navigate all the changes.

Generally, Medicare and insurance only cover 50% of the cost to provide our rehabilitative programs. We are dependent upon the kindness of donors like you for additional support to sustain our mission. Confronted with rising costs to operate our programs and the growing number of people seeking our services, we must raise $150,000 by December 31, 2022.

We urge you to put a donation in the enclosed envelope today. Give as generously as possible.