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We are always eager to hear feedback on our low vision rehabilitation services, programs, and low vision products and low vision aids. It all helps our low vision doctors to create a more welcoming and supportive experience for our patients.

The following video and written statements are from our patients and their families. The video was created before our name change from Deicke Center for Visual Rehabilitation to Spectrios Institute for Low Vision, but in talking to these patients, their comments are as valid now as they were when filmed.

“The glasses and low vision equipment that the students receive (through Seeing Is Believing) are essential to their success in school.”
“We purchased a reading machine (CCTV) for my mom…she missed reading a newspaper, magazines, and recipes and seeing photos for over a year. Thanks to you at Spectrios Institute at Deicke House, this has now become possible. You have given my mom her quality of life back.”
“I love the fact that I can return to using the computer so that I get e-mail from my family, especially my grandchildren, and also track my finances. This makes me feel much more independent and in control of my life.”
“Dr. Coalter took care of my mother and patiently walked her through the steps of relearning how to use the very small amount of sight she has left. Your counseling services were excellent, each member contributed to helping my mother cope with her blindness.”
“The ideas and visual aids you were able to provide were extraordinary.…I am so grateful to the Spectrios Institute at Deicke House for my dad’s mini-binoculars.…When he got the binoculars, and upon seeing the rest of the family, he would say, ‘Stand right there, I want to see you.’ He would focus on each one of us…it had been such a long time since he had seen our faces. You have helped in a way no one else has been able. You have given my dad a new lease on life.”