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Spectrios offers specialized Occupational Therapy, focused on visual rehabilitation.  We will work with you to achieve your goals and help you make the best use of the vision you have.

What is Occupational Therapy at Spectrios Institute?

In the world of vision loss, occupational therapy looks a little different than what you might be used to with more traditional rehabilitation settings. In traditional physical rehabilitation settings, an occupational therapist may be focused on how a stroke impacts a patient’s ability to dress themselves independently or how a hip fracture limits a person’s independence with bathing.

Generally the focus of an occupational therapist is a person’s ability to complete everyday activities independently, in other words OTs are interested in how much help a person may need to complete tasks in their everyday life. Occupational therapists strive to help a person maintain and improve their level of participation in the activities that are most important to them.

At the Spectrios Institute, Occupational Therapy is focused on how vision loss may lead to difficulty with any number of daily activities. We work with you to determine what activities are difficult and provide training, strategies, and tools for re-engaging in the important activities. We strive to help individuals with vision loss continue to do the things they have to do, like dressing and grooming, and the things they want to do, like watching TV or playing cards.

How can Occupational Therapy Help Me?

Occupational Therapy can help make the things you do every day easier.  What things are difficult for you to do?  Set some goals and we can provide you with the strategies to help you achieve them.  For example, cooking can be a challenge with vision loss.  Our Occupational Therapist will employ strategies that can range from low tech solutions that include bump dots and how your kitchen is set up to high tech solutions such as having Alexa read you your recipe or using an iPad to enlarge it.

The main benefit of Occupational Therapy is to make your life easier and help you do the things you enjoy.

Our Occupational Therapy programs are covered by most insurance plans.  Give us a call today and see if our program can help you.

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