Referring Doctors


Why should you refer your low vision patients to Spectrios Institute for Low Vision? As a not-for-profit organization staffed with leading professionals in the field of low vision rehabilitation services and care, Spectrios Institute offers an opportunity for you to assure your patients the most comprehensive multidisciplinary rehabilitative care possible to maximize their vision at a cost within their means.

Funding from grants, foundations, and private donations enable us to work with your patient to find an affordable way to provide the evaluation and prescriptions for low vision aids that will help them restore a measure of independence to their lives.


Making a referral to Spectrios may help your patients in many ways:

  • Vision – Your patients may see and learn to do more than they thought they could with their vision condition or deterioration throughout our rehabilitation programs and work with a low vision specialist and/or occupational therapist.
  • Outlook – Your patients’ outlook regarding the treatment of their condition may improve, making them easier to work with under your care.
  • Relationship – Your bond with patients may grow stronger from demonstrating that you understand how the disease you are helping them to manage impacts them in psychotic-social ways outside of your area of expertise.
  • References – Your patients’ enthusiasm about the breadth of care you offer when their condition is co-managed with Spectrios Institute will spread among their circle of acquaintances, leading more people suffering from eye diseases and low vision to seek professional help.
    The National Eye Institute (NEI), American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), and American Optometric Association (AOA) include low vision rehabilitation as a treatment modality in the continuum of care for people when permanent vision loss occurs and encourage such referrals.

We will work with you to monitor your patient’s progress and inform you of your patient’s outcomes. Together we can help fulfill the vision of the NEI, AAO, and AOA for improving the care and quality of life of those who suffer from serious eye conditions and low vision.

Please use the Fax Referral Form designed to assist you with referring patients to Spectrios Institute for Low Vision.