Seeing is Believing Children’s Program


At the Spectrios Institute, we know that limited vision can mean limited learning for students—but it doesn’t have to!

Our in-school outreach program, Seeing Is Believing, is designed to help children with low vision, grades K-12, all throughout Illinois receive low vision diagnostic services and optical devices free of charge. These low vision products include magnifiers, telescopes, and high-powered reading glasses. Low vision aids like these are often the only means by which students with vision loss can participate in classroom activities.

Seeing Is Believing is available to students, grades K-12, throughout Illinois. If you are interested in having this program available in your child’s school, care should be coordinated, in conjuncture with Spectrios, through your local school district.

This special program is unique to our low vision center and is 100% funded by grants from the Lions of Illinois Foundation, Chicago; White Sox Charities; as well as donations from service clubs and individuals.

For more information, contact the Seeing Is Believing children’s program manager, Leslie LeResche, at (630) 690-7115

Watch this short video about our Seeing Is Believing children’s program.

Seeing Is Believing is only one of our many unique low vision rehabilitation programs. Please visit our other program pages to learn more.