The Visionaries


Who are The Visionaries?

The Visionaries are people who see the need for future support for those with low vision and provide for that support through their estate plan. Spectrios Institute for Low Vision and the people we serve have benefited immensely from such gifts. Those who have made such planned gifts are a part of a special group of donors we call “The Visionaries.” They are individuals who have made a commitment to help enhance the low vision rehabilitation services offered by Spectrios.

If you have included Spectrios Institute in your planned giving but have not informed us, please contact our Development Department at (630) 690-7115 ext.112 so we may include you in The Visionaries membership list.

Why Suzanne Joined The Visionaries

Suzanne is a long-time patient and faithful donor to Spectrios. When asked why she included Spectrios Institute in her estate plan, she replied:

“Before I came to the Spectrios Institute, my vision loss caused me to hit an all-time low. I was lost. Going through their visual rehabilitation program and attending support group meetings turned my life around. I no longer felt like I was struggling all alone. Growing up with vision loss was a challenge, too. There were no children’s low vision outreach clinics to provide free exams and devices like Spectrios Institute’s Seeing Is Believing program. If there had been, my life would have been very different. I am leaving this gift to help the Spectrios Institute continue to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with low vision.”

Please contact Diane Levine, Vice President of Development, at (630) 690-7115 ext.12 for more information about including Spectrios Institute in your estate plan.