Tool & Technology


Here at Spectrios Institute, we keep abreast of the latest and best in low vision aids and technologies.  We work with visually impaired patients of every age and ability living in Northern Illinois communities and beyond. These tools and technologies can enhance learning experiences for students, help patients stay up to date on current events in the media, and help everyone stay connected with friends and family.

The Access Technology Lab is one part of our low vision rehabilitation services to help give and maintain our patients’ independence and quality of life. Please ask one of our specialists which low vision products make your world more accessible.

CCTV Electronic/Video Magnification Machines

Electronic video magnifiers work by using a camera and software to magnify and enhance what is placed in front of, or under, the camera. These devices magnify in a range from 2X to 85X normal vision and can be used to view a variety of everyday materials, including books, magazines, letters, bills, photographs, medication containers, playing cards, recipe cards, and other objects with small writing.  Screen display sizes are available in pocket size portable through desktop 27 in. (or larger) monitors.

Assistive Technology for Vision Loss

Assistive Technology (AT) now is available in a variety of modes ranging from traditional computers, laptops, tablet devices, smart phones, VR (virtual reality) and even AI (artificial intelligence) devices that can be attached to a pair of glasses.

Reading with Assistive Technology

I used to be an avid reader, now I don’t read anymore.  Does this sound like you?  There are so many options that can enable you to read again!

  • Desktop electronic video magnifier will allow you change the magnification size and image color so you can continue to read your favorite book or magazine.
  • A pocket size electronic video magnifier, has a light and allows you to change the magnification.  Now you can read the menu at your favorite restaurant.
  • Clip the computer with camera device to your glasses or VR headset, tap the device and listen to the text being read to you out loud or via headphone.
  • Using your ipad or smart phone camera you can take a photo of your mail using a camera  and use OCR software to read your mail or a newsletter.

Our lab has devices and technologies to also help you write, read email, continue your hobbies, or even check for a spot on your shirt (oops).

Technology Consulting and Training

Call and make an appointment with our Access Technology staff, they can help sort through all your choices and find the right tools to help make your life easier!