Sight for the road

View of the steering wheel and out the windshield of a car.


Sight for the Road is a unique low vision program offered by Spectrios Institute for Low Vision.   We assist qualified people with low vision restore or maintain their driving privileges with the use of a bi-optic telescopic system. Once you have learned proper use of your device we will refer you to a driver readiness program.

How does it work?

Individuals who have experienced vision loss or impairment due to conditions like retinopathy and have a reduced visual acuity but want to explore the feasibility of driving can be evaluated initially by a low vision specialist at the Spectrios Institute for Low Vision.

At times, specially designed spectacles prescribed by the low vision doctor may be necessary before behind-the-wheel training can be initiated.  You will receive training on how to use your device prior to your driving evaluation.

If the evaluation indicates that the individual meets state visual driving requirements, a referral is made to Certified Driver Rehabilitation, who will arrange for driving evaluation and training. Unlike some of our other vision rehabilitation services, this program is not grant funded, but in some cases assistance from the state may be available.

NOTE: Participating in this program does not guarantee that a driver’s license will be issued. This program prepares individuals to take the Illinois state examination and road test.