You are invited to visit the Access Technology Lab!

We are accommodating both in-person and virtual appointments. If you have been putting off that iPad training or wonder about the newest OrCam device (artificial intelligence combined with electronic magnification) now is a great time to make an appointment and get all your questions answered.

What sort of things can you do during your appointment?

Remote training on your Apple phone or tablet. We use a task by task approach. The advantage is you are in control and completing the tasks on your own devices. The prerequisites are to have your device set-up with your Apple ID, know your password, have pending updates completed and have a good sense of humor.

Come in to see a NEW collapsible Video Magnifier. Have you seen our desktop video magnifiers, but thought they took up too much space? We have one in our lab to try. These collapse down to a smaller footprint with a 15” or 17” monitor screen. Some models connect to the internet and can be used with the Google suite of apps. Invest in yourself! A new project can be fun and make you feel better.

Call us to discuss new features and monthly payment options available for the IrisVision, a device with artificial intelligence combined with electronic magnification. The IrisVision is a head-worn device with numerous viewing modes that can assist with near, mid-range, and distance viewing. It is worn over your glasses. If you’re interested we will set up an appointment.

Update your toolbox! Make an appointment for a Technology Evaluation. We will meet with you and help you determine what tools you might want to add. There are many devices to try – hand-held video magnifiers, desktop video magnifiers, used video magnifiers for purchase, head-worn devices and much more to play within our bright and cheery technology center – made possible by a Sight First II grant from Lions International.

We look forward to working with you to find solutions to help make your life easier and more enjoyable. Call 630-690-7115 and make an appointment today!