Some toolboxes we use for daily life include drawers and cabinets with spatulas, spoons, pots and pans, mixers, and your refrigerator to prepare your daily meals.  We also use screwdrivers, wrenches, tape, a table saw and other tools to repair our house or to create new wood items.  Other toolboxes we might have include automotive or gardening tools.  Living with Low Vision brings another set of tools into our lives.

Many of you know Leah Gerlach.  She was at Spectrios for over 20 years.  She took a minute to give us a peek into her low vision toolbox.

Leah’s Tool Box

Near & Mid-Range Vision Enhancing Tools

  • Glasses – 2 pairs, one for distance and another for reading
  • Magnifiers – handheld lighted 8x, 10x and 14x
  • Hand-held Video Magnifier – 3-inch size
  • Acrobat desktop video magnifier
  • Windows 10 computer using the Ease of Access Magnifier settings
  • An iPad for video conferences, games, email, and Social Media
  • Adaptive devices for kitchen and daily living tasks

Audio Tools

  • Samsung Android phone with Talk Back
  • Downloadable BARD Talking Books
  • KNFB reader phone app
  • NLS Talking Book Player
  • Victor Reader Stream to listen to digital media
  • OrCam Reader, mostly for distance reading

Distance Tools

  • Telescopes – 7x and 10x
  • Boulder who is Leah’s guide dog
  • Vision/White Cane
  • Cocoon Filters – Copper

“Having a good toolbox can make it possible to do just about anything you want.  If you run into a challenge, contact the team at Spectrios to help you find a way to do what you love,” says Leah.

Leah’s toolbox is stocked with everything she needs to live an independent life!  Make an appointment to discuss building your Low Vision toolbox (630-690-7115).  Consider a phone or video appointment if you are unable to come in.  Do you own a vision tool that is just sitting in a drawer unused?  Let’s talk about it.