Echo Show 10.1 The latest version of the Echo Show is a smart home device produced by Amazon.   The Echo Show boasts the best vision accessibility features in its class.   Show and Tell is a new feature that was developed in conjunction with an Amazon employee with vision loss.  This feature enables the device to identify common pantry items, and other things, using the device’s camera. In combination with the smart home’s other abilities to assist with many other tasks like setting a timer, checking the weather, or searching the web-make it a very valuable tool.  TIP:  Be sure and purchase through Amazon Smile, Spectrios gets a percentage of your purchase price.


The Gift of Knowledge  Apple and Android phones and tablets have MANY built-in accessibility features that include:

  • Watching TV shows with a close up view and descriptive voice over
  • Connecting with a supportive person to find something
  • Participating in a video chat with the family and friends
  • Reading via print or audio or both


Here at Spectrios we do 1-on-1 training tailored to the owner’s specific needs using a building block task-oriented approach. This may take a few lessons and your gift of time and support would be appreciated.  TIP:  We do not charge for this service at this time, but appreciate donations to the mission.


Electronic Magnifiers Handheld – These tools are great to use when out and about.  They are also perfect for smaller tasks in the home.  Desk Top – Desk top models offer the best magnification and versatility, but are large and require dedicated space.

Other Devices Not sure what would be best?  Set up a technology evaluation with Chris.  She can meet with your loved one and help them pick just the right thing.


Non-Tech options  Don’t forget we also have a full selection of low vision products such as calendars, cooking utensils, talking clocks, large print crossword and puzzle books.


Call Chris at 630-690-7115 to set up an appointment.  Tip:  It is ok to treat yourself if one of these suggestions sounds good!