The Spectrios Institute for Low Vision is terribly saddened by the passing of Ed Farmer.  In the spirit of the way Ed lived his life, we wish to share our insights on a “charitable life well-lived.”  To us, Ed Farmer was an “angel on earth” and absolutely “a die-hard White Sox fan!” (Pete and I are Sox fans!)  To us, he was an angel because he understood how to “help others” and “lift the human spirit.”  He did this at our Spectrios Golf events thirteen times, along with Hawk Harrelson and Darrin Jackson. How terrific he was raising significant funds for children and adults with vision loss! Participants loved to hear Ed talk about baseball and golf!  Ed always had fun working our crowd!  Ed also worked his network for auction items and support to help our events be successful!

We think a person’s life experiences can greatly influence their beliefs and behavior. Ed had his share of early challenges despite being gifted with athleticism, photographic memory and a mother that dearly loved him. His mother, unfortunately, died of polycystic kidney disease when Ed was 17. This would later catch up to Ed and result in a kidney transplant from his brother that saved his life.  Ed saw and lived through pain.  He was raised with spiritual values and he prized his family to the end. He adored his wife Barbara and daughter Shanda.  They supported his long seasons away as a broadcaster with loving admiration knowing he was helping others.

Ed’s personal medical challenges were kept in check for years and his experience helped him to act as a strong advocate alongside Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White to annually promote the “organ donor program.”  When Pete’s sister-in-law needed a kidney transplant, Ed came to her rescue with timely advice and encouragement.  He made time to share and care.  Ed was always helping people!

In the radio booth, Ed welcomed visitors nonstop, always a kind host, along with DJ and the support of Paul Zerang and Bob Grim.  Many memorable experiences were created in the booth, often included a quick picture with Ed and Darrin during the game.  Charities were often discussed and promoted on air. A priority!  Ed loved to acknowledge our veterans, public servants and encourage the sick.  Ed made so many people feel special and he genuinely tried to help anyone who was hurting or troubled.  Ed would immediately consider his vast network of friends and soon help would be on the way!  Like little miracles, good things happened with Angel Ed.

In today’s uncertain turbulent pandemic times, Ed’s example is just what we need to come together and get past COVID-19.  We at Spectrios wish the Farmer Family peace, safety and good health.

Our next golf event will be dedicated to our friend Ed Farmer and to his charitable life well lived!  A true American.

We will miss you, Angel Ed…..

R. Tracy Williams            Peter K. Whinfrey
Executive Director          Board Chairman

Spectrios Institute for Low Vision
A White Sox’s Charity


Pictures of Dr. Williams, Ed Farmer and Peter Whinfrey.  Also a picture of Ed Framer in the booth at a White Sox game.


Photos of Dr. Williams and Peter Whinfrey with Ed Farmer.

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