Greetings from the Spectrios Institute for Low Vision Rehabilitation!!  We send “heartfelt well wishes” to everyone!!

Our situation is IMPROVING as we learn how to live safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The greatest scientists and health organizations are working tirelessly to reduce and ultimately end the pandemic as quickly as possible. Our grateful thanks to all “front-liners!”

We the people must do our part to take measures and precautions for the “Good of All.”

We must hang on!

We must help others whenever we can!

We must continue to practice recommended guidelines, keep healthy life perspectives, keep our spirituality and our sense of humor. These challenging times will pass and we will be even stronger!!

Good News . . . The “Deicke House of Hope” will re-open June 1st on a “new normal” schedule. We have implemented CDC guidelines and governmental recommendations to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all.  We will be contacting all patients scheduled to review the necessary rules and guidelines to make your experience the “best possible.”  Please call us with your questions and to schedule. We look forward to serving you at the Deicke House of Hope!!!

More Good News . . . The Mission at the Spectrios Institute never stopped during the pandemic!!  We went to work and developed a “Low Vision Telehealth Program.”  We are very excited about our new “Telehealth video” and “Telehealth phone” visits supported by Medicare and other insurance. These visits with children and adults with vision loss have been “informational, inspirational, life changing and fun!!”

Remember, “when you have been told nothing more can be done for you … That’s where we begin! For nearly 35 years, our nonprofit mission has been seeing “potential in people when no one else can!”  Please take advantage of a telehealth visit with our doctors and staff.  Simply call 630-690-7115 extension “0” and ask about low vision telehealth.

Although we missed out on our Gala fun (darn it) we are so grateful to our many sponsors especially the Wheaton Lions Club, Northwestern Medicine and the Painters Council District 30.  We now look forward to our Golf Event on September 24th. It will honor our special friend, the late great Ed Farmer.  We hope to see you there as well!  Please support our mission when you can!

Till we talk again, let’s count our blessings and live life to the fullest possible!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings to You and your Family!


PS    A “Special Edition Brightside” is soon to come your way! And check out our new series with Gene Honda called “Spectrios Speaks,” as part of Spectrios Hollywood.