“You don’t have to See it to Tee it!” is the motto of the US Blind Golfers Association. Our access technology guru, Chris Retzke says, “I’m not a golfer, but had I known about this organization earlier or taken lessons from an O&M (orientation and mobility) instructor who included golf in his lesson plans, who knows what the truth would be now.” Perhaps Chris would be teeing up at our annual golf outing on September 27. Golfer or not, there are a variety of competitive and recreational sports and other fun activities available with accommodations for VIPs (visually impaired people).

Inspired to get out and try something new this summer? Look at these organizations for some ideas.

Cycling – The Blind Tandem Cycling Connection helps to connect sighted and blind cyclists for tandem rides. (BicyclingBlind.org)

Running – United in Stride helps to connect runners with guides. (UnitedInStride.com)

Archery, VI Bowling, Road Cycling – Special Recreational Divisions of the local park district offer many athletic programs. In DuPage County you can contact WDRSA.

If you cannot find an activity that matches your interest, ask! You never know what sort of accommodations might be available or perhaps you can start something yourself.

Athletics not your calling? How about a card or board game for relaxation and socializing? There are large print playing and UNO cards available, there are even braille UNO cards. Or put your board game on a lazy susan that can be rotated so that it can be moved closer.

There are numerous games that can be played on your computer or tablet too. Scrabble, Solitaire, word games, sim games & puzzles can all be found in the Apple or Android Play stores. Sometimes playing a board game online is a way to include everyone even if you are not all together! (Also nothing to clean up at the end of the night!)

Give us a call for optical devices or assistance with using your tablet or smartphone. You can also try our wearable devices To set up an appointment with Chris Retzke call 630-690-7115. LET’S PLAY!