Last fall we talked about how to stay safe in the kitchen as a person with visual impairment, but what about the rest of the home? Here’s a short list of a few things that we recommend for staying safe at home.

Remove clutter and throw rugs—We know you have probably heard this recommendation over and over again, but this old adage truly does make for a safer home. Clutter and throw rugs are tripping hazards and can be particularly dangerous for anyone who has peripheral vision loss or uses any type of mobility aide

Hold the railing—For people with stairs in their home, we think it’s important to hold the railing any time the stairs are used. What about carrying laundry downstairs to the laundry room? Consider investing in a durable laundry bag and throwing or pushing dirty laundry down the stairs.

Keep cabinet doors and drawers closed—Make it a habit to close drawers and cabinet doors immediately after retrieving the item you opened them for in the first place. Leaving cabinet doors open, while seemingly convenient if you might need something in that cabinet again later, can be dangerous for anyone moving through the space and just too easy to forget about.

Install grab bars at the entrance to the shower or tub—The most important safety feature in the bathroom is a sturdy grab bar that can be held when stepping into the shower or tub. We recommend installing a grab bar that is drilled into the wall or a bathtub rail safety bar that can be clamped to the edge of the bathtub. The suction cup style of grab bars are more dangerous than having nothing at all, as they can easily pull away from the wall during use.

Never hurry to answer the phone—Running for the phone is a recipe for having a fall. If the phone is located across the room or in a different part of your home, it is okay if the call goes to voicemail. Most important callers will leave a message. You can also consider having multiple handsets for landline phones and placing them strategically near frequented areas of the home.

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