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Making a memorial or tribute gift is a thoughtful way to remember special people in your life and at the same time support programs that help those struggling with permanent vision loss remain independent. Whether expressing sympathy or recognizing a birthday, anniversary, or other occasions, your gift will show how much you care.

Make a Cash Gift

You can make a cash gift online, or via mail.

Let us know that your donation is an honorarium and upon receipt of your donation, an acknowledgment letter is sent to the person you have honored or to the family of the person in whose memory the gift has been made. No gift amount is included in the letter. The name of the donor and the person honored will be listed in our newsletter, The Bright Side.

At the Time of Passing

When a loved one passes away, we hope you will consider designating memorial gifts to the Spectrios Institute for Low Vision. Most funeral home will provide you with donation envelopes for this purpose, or if you are in the area you may pick up donation envelopes from the Spectrios Institute.

Contact our Development Department at (630) 690-7115 ext 112 with the name of the person who is being honored and the name and address of the family member to receive the acknowledgment letter that will be sent listing memorial donors. All donors are listed in The Bright Side newsletter.

Donate A Brick

Your memorial or tribute gift can become a lasting memory with your donation of a brick. It’s a great way to honor loved ones, friends, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays or to recognize your club or organization.

Three brick styles are available:

$125 — Single patio brick that will be placed in our Commemorative Garden. Up to three (3) lines of text, 14 characters per line including spaces.

$500 — Double brick that will be placed on the “Walkway of Hope” leading to our front door. Double bricks have bolder, larger print than patio bricks with up to three (3) lines of text, 14 characters per line including spaces.

Fill out a Brick Donation Form and become a part of the Spectrios Institute legacy.

Our low vision doctors, staff of specialists, and the patients and families we serve thank you for your generosity. Because of supporters like you, we can continue our work as your local low vision center offering a myriad of low vision services to those in need.