Preparing Your Patients


Success in low vision rehabilitation is defined differently by each patient at each stage in the adjustment to and acceptance of permanent vision loss. This is why the personal counseling component of our “trios” approach—treating the whole person through their head, heart, and eyes—is so vital to the positive outcomes we attain.

Low vision doctors and physicians know that relatively good acuity and excellent medical outcomes do not predict patient satisfaction. Sometimes acceptance of best possible medical outcomes improves by helping patients better understand that there are opportunities to improve their vision and quality of life in many ways beyond conventional low vision aids like eyeglasses. Not all devices they may use are necessary, but they provide insights into the opportunities that are available to them for the improvement of their remaining sight.

We have developed a special Patient Referral Brochure for physicians to sign as a prescriptive tool to emphasize the therapeutic aspect of low vision rehabilitation and care. This large print instrument focuses in on just what your patient wants to know in order to act on your referral recommendation. The brochure also provides an explanation of what low vision is, how we can help them maintain their independence and use of remaining sight, what our low vision rehabilitation services and programs are, what low vision products we offer, and how our services are made affordable.

The Patient Referral Brochure will begin to help patients understand what Spectrios Institute for Low Vision is all about and begin to answer their frequently asked questions.