2021 has been a year of change. Every day we ask patients to approach things differently, to use a new technique or tool to achieve their goals. This year has challenged our mission to do the same. We had our first virtual gala, we created and implemented new safety protocols, offered clinics for our Seeing is Believing children at the House of Hope, to name a few. The need for our services has not changed and we have used all our creativity to figure out ways to sustain our mission.

As we celebrated the 35th anniversary of Spectrios and the 30th anniversary of Seeing is Believing (our children’s program) we reflected on the people that have helped make things possible and the people we have impacted. (You can read these stories on our website at Spectrios.org/blog).

Pam Duda, a key supporter of the Seeing is Believing program in Southern Illinois shared the impact our program has had on the children we help. She has been a Seeing is Believing partner as long as we can remember and has seen so many lives changed.
Kerri Largo told us about her experience with low vision and her drive to succeed and how Spectrios has been her partner in achieving her goals. Kerri is now giving back as a member of our board!
Abbie Knudsen, a high school senior, who has been a Seeing is Believing student since Kindergarten told us that she knows we are there to help her and that gives her an extra boost of confidence.

Our patients with vision loss need our help now more than ever. Our Annual Appeal is in progress. Your donation is vital to maintain our vision programs that help children and adults maximize their remaining sight and find comfort in knowing they can navigate all the changes.

Generally, Medicare and insurance only cover 50% of the cost to provide our rehabilitative programs. We are dependent upon the kindness of donors like you for additional support to sustain our mission. Confronted with rising costs to operate our programs and the growing number of people seeking our services, we must raise $100,000 by December 31, 2021.

We urge you to give us a call at 630-690-7115, email Mimi at BajagichM@spectrios.org or click on the donate now button in the upper right hand corner.  Give as generously as possible.