How did you come to Spectrios?
I have had retina problems for most of my life.  I was referred to Spectrios seven years ago when I could no longer read the charts in the office.

Describe your experience at Spectrios?
“Dr. William’s is top-notch,” says AJ, “it is just a pleasure to come here because everyone is so nice and they explain everything.”  I know that if my vision gets worse there is a plan in place for the next steps.  I have always had a great experience at Spectrios.

You did a fundraiser for your birthday, tell us about that.
As my birthday approached Facebook prompted me to create a birthday fundraiser.  That seemed like a fun way to celebrate.  I didn’t know what to expect, so I did the suggested $200 and hit that target the first day.  I upped the target and hit that.  I finally decided on $600 as a goal and we hit that on my birthday.  It was fun to see who was donating.  Someone I didn’t know donated because they saw one of my friends had donated and thought it was a great cause.  It was a lot of fun seeing who was donating.

It is so easy to set up a fundraiser like this and any amount raised is so appreciated.  You don’t even have to wait until your birthday to set it up, Facebook will let you set up a fundraiser whenever you want.

The Spectrios Team would like to THANK AJ for his generous donation to our mission.  If you would like help setting up a personal fundraiser please reach out to Susanna at 630-690-7115 x116 or by email at