Giving the Gift of Reading

When Diane, an avid reader, came to Spectrios Institute for Low Vision, she was frustrated by her inability to read.  Can you imagine not being able to read your bills?  The loss of independence due to her vision was a daily struggle.

Dr. Irvine met with Diane and diagnosed her Macular Degeneration.  The two created a plan to address her concerns which included occupational therapy.

After her first visit, Diane said, “This is the first time I think things might actually get better for me.”

She learned how to make use of the vision she still had and was shown tools to make everyday things like reading her mail more accessible.  But, being on a fixed income many of the tools were outside her reach.

Due to a generous donation, we were able to provide Diane with a Snow 7 portable electronic magnifier.  She came to us thinking there was nothing she would ever be able to do to change her situation.  Now she has the tools to read her mail AND books.  The sky is the limit, who knows what else she will be able to accomplish!

“I never thought I would be able to afford something like this.  I am just so appreciative,” says Diane.  She is looking forward to reading her mail as soon as she gets home!

Your donations help us to transform the lives of people who come to Spectrios Institute for Low Vision.  We strive to help everyone with vision loss regardless of income.